GIF Keyboard App Reviews

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Not working properly with WhatsApp

The app paste on WhatsApp the gif as image not as gif


Im in love with this app

Wants full creepy control of your keyboard.

To work this app wants to be able to see all typing on your keyboard. Even in the past. Too dam creepy.

Love it

Very clever I wish I could make my own :)


This app needs full control of your KB and it will transmit all the keystrokes including your sensitive information. Ouch....cant use it with this.

Love it!

Works great, lots to choose from! Very fun!

Easy and great

Its awesome.

Sound for video gifs gone

I cant hear the video gifs, I use to be able to all the time, but after a update I cant. I re downloaded the app so many times in hopes to fix it but still cant hear anything!

Love it

elegant and functional


So awesome!!

So fun and creative

Love it


the app keeps crashing?!!

Best way to communicate!!!!

The only downside is that when you create a folder you cannot change the name. So when you collect gifs for "John" and then you want to change it... Well you pretty much are stuck with a thing as permanent as tattoo :/

When I save gif to camera roll image gets saved, not gif((((

Saved Gif does not play


Hilarious. I f$@king live this app.

My favorite app!

Because of this app, I am now considered a Gif-Guru among my friends. If you want to be a pro, download this.

Is it a phishing app?

Why would this app need to capture and transmit every key I type, including secure form fields like credit card numbers, etc? Absolutely no need and Ive deleted the app without using it. Seems scammy.


This app is just what I was looking for great app!

Cup o mun

Always like to finish a text with a GIF.

Love this app

Love this thing! Very easy to use tons of options.

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